About Us

Mission and Vision

At ChickyNet, our mission is to create an engaging online platform that provides valuable content and resources for all poultry enthusiasts. We strive to foster a community that is passionate about chickens and other domestic fowl, offering a hub of knowledge and support for both beginners and experienced individuals.

Our vision at ChickyNet is to establish a trustworthy and authoritative platform that assists individuals in effectively raising, caring for, and enjoying their poultry. We aspire to be the go-to resource for chicken enthusiasts worldwide, promoting responsible and sustainable practices along the way.

Company History

ChickyNet was founded in 2007 by Dennis Holder, a seasoned poultry professional with decades of experience in the field. With a deep-rooted passion for chickens and the desire to bring together like-minded individuals, Dennis embarked on a journey to create an online sanctuary for poultry lovers.

Driven by the lack of comprehensive and accurate information available to poultry enthusiasts, Dennis was determined to bridge this gap by providing a reliable platform with reliable content. As a long-time breeder and advocate for proper chicken care, Dennis aimed to share his expertise and experiences with a wider audience to enhance the well-being of poultry across the globe.

The Founder

Dennis Holder, the visionary behind ChickyNet, is a respected figure in the poultry industry. With over 30 years of hands-on experience, Dennis has dedicated his life to understanding and refining the art of poultry husbandry.

His background includes working closely with various breeds, extensive research on poultry nutrition, and deep involvement in breed improvement programs. Dennis brings a wealth of knowledge to ChickyNet and is committed to sharing it with the community to foster responsible poultry care practices.

Website Objective

ChickyNet aims to provide a comprehensive and authorative resource for all things poultry-related. From basic care tips and health guidelines to advanced breeding techniques and nutritional advice, our website covers a wide range of topics tailored for chicken enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

Target Audience

Our target audience comprises both new and experienced poultry enthusiasts who are seeking reliable and detailed information to help them navigate the world of chicken farming and poultry care. Whether you’re a first-time chicken keeper or an experienced breeder, ChickyNet offers insights and advice to ensure the optimal well-being of your flock.

Our Unique Value

What sets ChickyNet apart is the dedication and expertise of our team. We have assembled a group of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members who regularly curate and update our content to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

We understand the importance of providing information backed by scientific research and real-world experiences, making ChickyNet the trusted source for poultry advice. Furthermore, our platform actively encourages peer-to-peer interaction through forums, allowing enthusiasts to share their knowledge and seek guidance from experienced community members.

Join ChickyNet today and experience the wealth of resources, supportive community, and expert advice that sets us apart from the rest. Together, let’s create healthy and happy flocks, enriching the lives of both chickens and their human companions.

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